Welcome to ADICTA Foundation

Where did ADICTA Foundation come from?

The name is derived from the word addictology, which is a branch associating doctors – addictologists, psychologists, welfare officers, therapists and other specialized professionals who can help people with addiction to legal and illegal drugs, or patients who develop a so-called non-substance dependence, such as gambling (pathological gambling) and other dependencies.


Why ADICTA Foundation was created?

ADICTA Foundation was established to contribute to the further development of useful branch and gather resources/funds for education of professionals and non-medical professionals in addictology and help conceptually develop stabilize the branch and improve the quality of preventive and curative care.


What is our goal?

In addition to the training of therapists, one of our main objectives is to support the development of prevention programs for children and young, teach children to cope with specific high-risk situations that may be dangerous to their health and development. We want that our children can refuse drugs, including legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. But risky behavior includes also non-healthy lifestyle principles that lead to obesity, eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia), and risky sexual behavior, underestimating the risk of accidents and traffic accidents, absenteeism, behavioral problems…


Whom we want to help?

Our society is very tolerant of the use of legal drugs, i.e. alcohol, tobacco. Therefore ADICTA Foundation wants to focus on helping those, who became ill or dependent, due to societal benevolence to using psychoactive additive substances, particularly alcohol and smoking. We want to build a high quality and safe counseling and therapeutic services for them and help to return to a safe way of living, including assistance and support their family members.


How can you help us?

We are at the very beginning. We can see the amount of work waiting for us. If you would like to support ADICTA Foundation projects, you can contribute to the account number 263024442/0300.

Please in your message to the recipient specify, whether you require donation contract and contact address.

Marta Šimůnková


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